Bengals Ranked....Last

A.J. Green has been a bright spot during
a disappointing offseason
ESPN released their first preseason Power Rankings and while the reigning Super Bowl Champs topped the list the lowly Bengals fell to the bottom. The positive for the Bengals is that they have no where to go but up for the 2011 season.  With the loss of veteran leadership on offense the Bengals aren't poised to make many waves in the upcoming season. Fans have been dropping like flies and it looks like Paul Brown's only sellout will be a College Football game between Cincinnati and West Virginia.

Head Coach Marvin Lewis and Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden have tapped rookie quarterback Andy Dalton as the starter for their first preseason game on August 12th vs the Lions. Dalton has taken over as the favorite to start the 2011 season since the retiring of Carson Palmer. His top target will be fellow rookie A.J. Green, who has showed off his amazing athleticism in practices so far.

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