Bengals offseason

With the lockout officially over I take a look at some major things that the Bengals need to do before the season get under way.

Andy Dalton: The Bengals need to work non stop with the rookie quarterback during the off season so he is NFL ready by their week one game vs the Browns. The former TCU quarterback will likely be the quarterback of the future for the Bengals when they trade away Carson Palmer. Jay Gruden's success in his first season will be based on Andy Dalton and how he performs as a rookie. 

Trade Carson Palmer: Palmer has wanted to get out of Cincinnati since January and has been very vocal about this demand, threatening to retire if he doesn't get traded. The Pro Bowl quarterback is needed and teams would be willing to give up some very good players for an experienced quarterback. The Bengals need a safety and would love get an elite one in the trade for Palmer. 

Free Agency: Cedric Benson and Jonathon Joseph are the biggest needs on the free agency market this season.

Joseph is one of the best young corners in the league while he and Leon Hall make one of the best cornerback tandems. They will have to dish out significantly more dough to keep Joseph around but they have almost 50 million to spend in the off season and should sign him to a 4+ year contract. 

The resigning of Cedric Benson is the other major move on the agenda for the Bengals. Benson has been an elite running back in the last two seasons, over 1100 yards both seasons, and looks to keep it that way for the next couple. Benson will likely have a ton of carries this season with rookie quarterback Andy Dalton leading the offense.

If the Bengals also fail to pick up a safety when they trade Carson Palmer they may need to pick one up in free agency market. The Eagles' Quintin Mikell, Bills' Donte Whitner and Ravens' Dawan Landry are the best in the market but they could also go with Darren Shaper for a veteran presence on a very young but talented defensive unit.

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